About Shut Up & Write! International Writing Community for Writers
Shut Up & Write! is an organization dedicated to helping writers. Learn how the Shut Up & Write! method and community supports writers finish their writing.
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About Us

We help you develop your craft and prevail over writer’s block,
procrastination, or anything else standing in your way.

Secret to finishing your writing? Showing up to write.

Shut Up & Write! ™ hosts free weekly events nation-wide where you can get your writing done, alongside other writers in your local community. We welcome anyone who needs to write, for any kind of project—be it a novel, short story, essay, legal document, school report, poem, screenplay, or anything else.

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Writing — whether approached professionally or as a hobby —
doesn’t have to be an isolating activity.

The Writing Process

By dedicating a single hour each week,
you’ll see progress in your writing project and develop the discipline needed to finish.

  • 01 IDEA

    Initial Spark of the Story


    Plotting & Character Development


    Writing and more Writing

  • 04 EDITING

    Getting Feedback and Revising

  • 05 PUBLISH

    Traditional or Self Publishing