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Learn tips for improving your writing, practice the craft of writing, writing inspiration, events for writers, and more. Guest blog writers always welcome!
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Shut Up & Write! Blog

All articles are designed to help you improve your writing craft, latest news in the publishing industry, pro-tips, inspirations, and more. If you are interested in contributing or guest posting, send us your pitch/idea here.

Two years ago at this time, I was on a writer’s high, full of success from completing the National Novel Writing Month Challenge. I’d finished that November with 57,000 words, the most I’d ever written in such a short period. I’d never felt as much...

After a two year break, I needed something to kick start my writing again. NaNoWriMo seemed like the perfect opportunity. That being said, 50,000 words is more than a little daunting for this new mom. This year, I’m putting on my rebel hat and doing...