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History of Shut Up & Write!

History of Shut Up & Write!

In a delightfully candid storytelling, our founder, Rennie Saunders, shares the story of how Shut Up & Write! started over 9 years ago at the Crossroads Cafe in San Francisco, California.

Rennie Saunders

Founder, Shut Up & Write!

Rennie founded Shut Up & Write! in 2007 following a desire to meet fellow writers while working on a series of science fiction novels.

Rennie spends an inordinate amount of time reading Wikipedia and Discover Magazine articles as research for his science-fiction writing, practices Indonesian martial arts and cooks wholesome dinners for his family. His novella, Pale Angel, is available on Amazon and The Proteus Knife, a novel, will be released in late 2019.
Rennie Saunders

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